The final results for 2016 were released by the Australasian Barbecue Alliance back on 18th November 2016. The last sanctioned Low and Slow Barbecue comp of the year was in Kangaroo Valley and saw the leaderboard have a major shake up right when it mattered most. 

It was a massive year for Competition BBQ Teams including the Flamin’ Mongrels. Eighteen comps. Tens of thousands of kilometres travelled and tonnes of meat perfectly (and not so perfectly) smoked to please judges from all over Australia.  

2017 will be even bigger. With a least 25 events scheduled and more in talks with ABA right now, the competition circuit will be tough as undercooked beef shorties!

New teams are welcomed with open arms at every event and there is nothing like competition barbecue to really hone your skill on the pit.

If you want to keep an eye on what the top teams are doing, follow their antics, cooks, comps and maybe some secrets on Facebook and Instagram.

Finally a complete list of the teams to keep an eye out for in 2017!

  1. Suck Knuckle Smokers

  2. Sandgroper BBQ


    Bet your hungry now. #buffalowings #bbq #bbqribs #smokedsausage #texasbbq

    A photo posted by Sandgroper BBQ (@sandgroper.bbq) on

  3. Double Barrel BBQ

  4. Scotch & Smoke

  5. The Smoking Hot Bros


    Rack of Ribs to season the new pit pretty happy with the first cook πŸ‘ŒπŸ·

    A photo posted by The Smoking Hot Bros (@thesmokinghotbros) on

  6. The Meat Sweats
  7. BLVD Restaurant BBQ

  8. Bad Ass BBQ

  9. Rollin Smoke BBQ


    #blackmore #wagyu #brisket my lord this will be epic

    A photo posted by lukas armstrong (@rollinsmokebbq_lukas) on

  10. The Beard and the BBQ


    Action shot of the searing part of the reverse sear

    A photo posted by Tony S Preston Esquire (@thebeardandthebbq) on

  11. The Shank Bros

  12. Country Boys BBQ


    Thought this was a winner. #countryboysbbqaus #7sinsbbqrub #competitionbbq #lovebrisket

    A photo posted by Country Boys BBQ (@countryboysbbqaustralia) on

  13. The Smoking Joint


    Merry Porky Christmas πŸŽ„πŸ· from the crew at #thesmokingjoint we hope you have a great time on this special day of eating more than you should 😡 it’s a pic of meat because that’s what we do and love. It’s not a reindeer. Next year we start with a bang and have two competitions in the first month and with so many things planned throughout the year it’s time to give thanks to our special family of supporters @ianshawbutcher76 #EllisButchers the Raddest bestest meat maestro in the southern land. This doesn’t happen without you, period 🀘 @clean_heatcharcoal a gentleman #braai boy that fuels our passion πŸ”₯ @bigshedbeer a long thank you that starts and end with the best beer @grill_pro the experienced quiet achiever, the @yodersmokers Christmas elf? πŸ‘ @homesteadlovers the cinnamon in our rum ❀️ Merry Christmas

    A photo posted by Grant Neal, Dane, Chad &Damian (@thesmokingjoint) on

  14. Bully BBQ


    Caveman Buffalo Chicken Clubs. Chicken Lovely Legs injected and basted with my homemade buffalo sauce served with a blue cheese dipping sauce

    A photo posted by Ricki BBQ (bullybbq) (@rickibbqaustralia) on

  15. Natural Born Grillers

  16. Rub & Grub


    i could only snap a pre smoke shot of these mammoth #jalapeΓ±os as they disappeared #qaf when served πŸ’ͺπŸ˜ƒ stuffed with @smokehouseseasalt and @hardcorecarnivorerub seasoned #macncheese , wrapped in #dryaged #bacon and dusted with @meatchurch #honeyhog all ready for the #weber fuelled by @clean_heatcharcoal πŸ”₯ β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’ #rubandgrub #chilli #chilliporn #charcoal #bbq #bbqlife #bbqporn #food #foodporn #foodgasm

    A photo posted by RUB & GRUB (@rubandgrub) on

  17. Eureka Smoke
  18. TexAus BBQ


    Happy days TexAus BBQ 3rd place in brisket 4th place pork ribs and 5th place chefs choice.

    A photo posted by TexAus BBQ (@texaus_bbq) on

  19. Flamin Mongrels

  20. Rub Won Out

    Grand championship on a @manhornebbqsmokers #rubwonoutbbq #lowandslow #speechless Thanks to @charcharcharbutchers and @meatchurch

    A photo posted by Manhorne BBQ Smokers (@manhornebbqsmokers) on


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