Award Winning BBQ Pulled Lamb - 1 kg

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Australian Lamb

Rubbed with Moonshine BBQ lamb rub – One of a couple we love!

Smoked with Ironbark in our Radar Hill reverse flow offset smoker for at least 8 hours.

Then rested until the meat has relaxed and all the moisture has returned.

Meal Ideas:

Lamb Gyros – Think flat bread and some greek inspired sauces, maybe yoghurt, dill, cucumber, tahini, vine ripened tomatoes topped with some cucumber…..

Lamb Tacos – Flour tortillas, a salsa of cucumber, lime juice and coriander, maybe some sour cream and hot sauce?

Pulled Lamb Nachos (How bloody Aussie!) – Dorito’s (are there other brands?), refried beans, guac, melty motza cheese and a few jalapenos for spice…Do it!


How much lamb will 1kg feed?

Well, I’d suggest that for a Gyro or taco, that you’d need about 60 gm for a single serve. So maybe 16 tacos or gyros…..enough for dinner and bit left over for lunch the next day!

For nachos, probably 8 serves at 125gms makes sense…..For a family of four…..Thats one meal this week, and and another next week as long as Dad doesn’t sneak an extra bit before serving!

Can you guys cook BBQ properly?

OK, let me tell you this. We have been cooking American BBQ in Australia for over 6 years. We have cooked with and collaborated with the best US pitmasters. Our BBQ has won awards and trophies. Oh, and my mate Kris reckons it’s bloody tops! So yeah, we go alright! We have even been on TV!

How will this arrive at my doorstep?

We cook and rest and cool the cooked meat before portioning it into 500gm packs. Then it’s cryovaced and kept below 4 deg C for delivery to your door. The good thing is, you are likely to be home when we deliver cause #stayathome #coronavius. Put it in your fridge ASAP and follow the instructions for reheating!

How long will my BBQ goodness last?

Food safety is important. So we have advice that 6 days from the delivery date is when you should be using the last of your cryovaced pack. But I bet it won’t last that long!

More questions?

Just call our pitmaster Bretto – 0414 601 836