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Never before has Brahman been a category at an ABA sanctioned event. So never before has any team entered a turn in box for Brahman Hump. These are ours including our Brahman Turn in Boxes.

We have always taken pride in our turn in boxes. The presentation is important to us and we feel that judges will always eat with their eyes first.

Parsley Bitch

In the early days, our parsley was all over the shop. Then we started spending hours making our parsley resemble a faux grass showroom. These days we figure the green background is simply that, background. So our parsley is usually pretty tight, but we don’t waste valuable beer time with adjusting the green!

So here in Rockhampton, we were happy with our boxes. Green was OK, meat was spot on, so let’s go for it!

The Boxes

image image image image


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