Competitions, Partnerships, Rubs

Lets be fair dinkum, we all know the meaty goodness of low and slow barbecue is what we chase. However, never has a brisket, rack, flap, or rib gone onto the pit nude! Even the most basic Dalmatian rub of salt and pepper is applied to achieve the bark that satisfies the crunch before the moist! The Mongrels have tried and tested hundreds of variations of rubs from home made, hand ground concoctions to expensive, imported blends from the Texas homeland. We search no more!

Moonshine BBQ Rubs have done the hard work already. This is the dust for us!

We used Moonshine BBQ Rubs at Burleigh BBQ this year with great results. As a top 10 national team, we need a precise, repeatable recipe that uses local herbs and spices, mixed and packaged ready for the time constraints that competition BBQ team has placed on them.  

Chatting with Ben, we knew a partnership was going to get his superb rubs in the hands of backyard low and slow barbecue enthusiasts. Our Mongrel followers often ask about go-to, everyday rubs that will enhance their weekend cook ups. You need the Moonshine BBQ rub range in your rub pantry now!

Five varieties, beef, lamb, coffee, chicken and pork cover every cook. Moonshine has plenty of recipes and stories and tips on the website, but nothing beats just lighting the charcoal, burning some logs and letting the fire and smoke at your meat.

Do three things……

  1. Buy some rubs online now.
  2. Cook some BBQ.
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Oh and keep an eye on the Mongrels as we attack our last ABA sanctioned barbecue competition at Smoke in The Valley on 14-15 October…..armed with the full Moonshine BBQ Rub arsenal of course!


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