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When starting out in barbecue one of the issues we faced was sourcing the type of cuts that our style called for. The low and style cuts were almost impossible to find on the Gold Coast. The supermarkets were a natural starting point followed by the local butcher. Both proved only slightly useful.

Although finding the Super Butcher late last year, it was meeting the Smoking Hot Bros at Meatstock in Sydney earlier this year that started our friendship with a business committed to Low and Slow in Australia.

The butchers are well aware of the type of cuts Aussie Low and Slow barbecue fans are looking for. Best of all, have them in-store as part of the regular stocked lines. They are always willing to help and chat about which cut is best for your cook and provide advice on the varying brands as well.

For a while now, we have been chatting with Super Butcher about our team and our ability to help the ongoing affection for low and slow style cooking. We have decided to partner together to pursue our common cause.cTogether we are committed to:

  • Ensuring the smoking and low and style cuts are available in Gold Coast Super Butcher stores

  • Providing education and advice via regular gatherings at Super Butcher Gold Coast store locations

  • Keeping you up to date with news about the Low and Slow scene on the Gold Coast and wider

  • Supporting our competition team to increase the visibility of Meat Smoking and Low and Slow style barbecue on the Gold Coast

So, if you are looking for brisket, beef short ribs, pork shoulder, pork ribs, St Louis cut ribs, lamb shoulders, lamb racks, lamb ribs, chicken thighs or any out of the ordinary cuts on the Gold Coast, you know you will get support and advice from the local butchers at Ashmore and Oxenford.



  1. Dan

    Hi mate

    Been chasing some decent St. Louis cut spare ribs on the coast , is the place you recommend super butchers? On the coast ? Can I just go in and ask for St. Louis cut ? any help is appreciated as I’m lovn the low n slow world , cheers

    • Bretto - Pitmaster

      Hi Dan, We really like Super Butcher at Ashmore or Oxenford….
      We find that you need to call ahead to make sure they have exactly what you need.
      My suggestion, call them, ask for “Bone-in Pork Belly” or “St Louis Cut Pork Ribs” and say – “Just like you do for the Flamin’ Mongrels for competition.
      It’ll rev ’em up to make sure they get it right!!
      Bretto – Pitmaster!

  2. Dan

    Cheers Bretto

    I dropped in today it was great to meet you guys n thanks for the info you gave me , I grabbed some park belly with bones in and havn a go today , I’ll let ya know how it goes . Thanks again

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