The Brisket and Bacon Burger

Written by Brett

Is it okay to pile bacon on top of brisket? The Brisket and Bacon burger proves it’s worth it!

Brisket and Bacon BurgerTodays brisket and bacon burger was inspired by the fact I missed breakfast. I had just finished smoking my cured pork belly yesterday and was hankering to get some of this homemade bacon into me. But I had to skip breakfast. School under 8’s day! But getting home was rewarded with this Brisket and Bacon Burger monster.

After my weekend on the pit, I had heaps of leftovers. I cut and portioned the brisket and pulled pork and zip locked ’em up ready for the freezer. This way, I’d be eating leftovers for a week!

The brisket was a wagyu point from Super Butcher at Oxenford. Smoked last weekend with great success. No pics I’m afraid as I only started this blog after my Brisket and Bacon Burger changed my lunch habits today!

I had been to Costco at Northlakes a while back and picked up a bunch of cheese. I have a similar shopping list when visiting the USA food giant. Meat, cheese, rubs, BBQ sauces! I got a 1.5 or 2 kg pack of American cheese, pre-slices. Similar to what you might find on Macca’s burger. I portioned it up as well, froze it and and have no loss in the flavour when thawed. I happened to also get some Jalepeno cheese as well.

Jalepeno Cheese

Looked kind of like this

My wife is a major fan of pickled jalepenos, so I had a jar in the fridge already. We just bought a new brand and found them to be super crunchy. No crispy like chips, just not soft and when you bight into them they crunch a bit. Happy with that!

I also happen to own a bakery. So that comes in handy for nice fresh bread and rolls. Today I chose a hamburger style flat roll. Super soft in the middle. The bakery also allows me to do a local co-op swap! I leave two loaves of fresh bread at my front door every Wednesday and a mate with chooks, comes, takes the bread and leaves me a dozen fresh laid local eggs on my door step. Hell yes!

bacon cookingPutting this sucker together is easy. my portion of brisket is microwaved (yes, I’m happy with this method for leftovers). My homemade bacon is fried. My Brumbys bread roll is buttered. Jalepenos on top of the proteins, and layered with two slices of cheese. Into the grill to get the yellow oozing. Fried egg, the Australian BBQ touch, is now cooking in bacon fat. Lay the egg on top of the now bubbling cheese and the brisket and bacon burger is complete.

It might not be quite american cuisine, but I guess thats the benefit of learning low and slow in Australia. Add the bits that we Aussies like to American classics and we might just find a gem. I think I did!

Want to suggest a burger for me to try. It definitely needs a few elements in it. Leave a comment and I’ll add it to the list of Need to Make.


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