We Love Baby Rays BBQ Sauce!

In Australia, we are moving forwards with the growth of barbecue culture. Faster and with more ease, BBQ products that were once only available in the states are now just a little bit easier to find. Take Baby Rays BBQ Sauce Australia for example. Getting it was hard and finding the sauce in a few places like larger butchers or USA food stores was possible, but it came at a cost. Well we love the stuff! And now you can stock up at a fairly reasonable price!

Swim in the High Fructose Corn Syrup Baby!IMG_9550

You know what, I know it has HFCS as the primary ingredient, you know what else, I don’t care. Its not that I am not aware of the hype and propaganda written about it, its just that I don’t swim in the stuff and I certainly don’t eat enough of this BBQ sauce for it to be a problem for me.

Enjoy It While You Can!

It’s on special right now (Wednesday 15 June 2016) at ALDI supermarkets all over the country. That means for about $3.50 a bottle, you can stock up and not feel bad about paying huge import prices. So the Flamin’ Mongrels say…..SBR for everyday BBQ! We certainly wont be using Sweet Baby Rays BBQ Sauce in our Australia BBQ Comps, but for lunch and dinner for the family and friends, I’ll be serving these three varieties for a while!




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